Beethoven Festival of Park City
34th Summer Season
July 2 through July 31, 2017

Utah's longest-running classical music festival, presenting over 35 concerts each year, the Beethoven Festival of Park City brings together outstanding classical solo artists to perform the masterpieces of chamber music for intimate audiences. Enjoy the wonderful variety of programs and venues throughout the year including everything from free chamber music concerts in City Park to elegant salon concerts in beautiful homes.

Festival History

Originally founded by violist Leslie Blackburn Harlow and artist Carole Cordray, the Beethoven Festival was first called the Deer Valley Chamber Music Festival and, after a number of years, changed to the Park City International Music Festival. In honor of the world's most famous classical composer, the festival was re-named The Beethoven Festival of Park City and is also referred to as the Park City Beethoven Festival by many.

Regardless of the name changes, the Festival's format has remained the same since the first year when a group of the finest classical solo artists from of this era converged in Park City to rehearse and perform chamber music in beautiful venues for intimate audiences.

Expanded into a year round project of the non profit Park City Chamber Music Society, the Beethoven Festival includes the landmark Summer Festival that features an average of four different concert programs in different venues every week of the Festival.  Additional shorter seasonal festivals include the Autumn Classics Festival, the Spring Chamber Music Festival and Winter Classics Concerts. In recent years the Festival has been adding more outreach and extra concerts outside the four seasonal festivals, bringing the average number of concerts to 35 per year.

The concerts are held in the Park City area primarily with additional performances in Salt Lake County, the Provo/Orem area, in the Midway/Heber area and in the out-lying smaller communities in Summit and Wasatch Counties. The Festival has also presented a number of concerts in the New York area, designed to promote the Festival and draw audiences to visit Utah.


Festival Artists in Residence


Leslie Harlow



Russell Harlow


Next Steps...

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